EYG Basketball was established in 2013. Founders and trainers Galen and Jordan came together after working on their own for several years to bring the vision of EYG to life. Since then, we have had the opportunity to work with thousands of players across Colorado and even other states including Kansas. We understand where players, parents, and coaches are coming from with the added element of our coaching and playing experience to give athletes a truly unique learning experience. EYG Basketball builds character as well as skill. We love utilizing the game of basketball and our platform to help players of all ages learn the important character qualities of commitment, discipline, teamwork, and hard work. Players need to be multi-dimensional in their approach to playing basketball and must be trained in a variety of ways in order to grow. We guide players through their growth as individuals as well as athletes to become better versions of themselves every day.

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Our trainers want to help athletes reach their goals and dreams; we also want our trainers to have a positive impact on people, too. Our staff has years of experience as college coaches and players, high school coaches, as well as parents of kids playing basketball as well. We apply our experience and what we value to create training programs that carry athletes forward on their journey as players and people. We are excited to welcome you to any of our camps, clinics, and training programs to learn more about a great sport we all love. Browse our website for options to get started with EYG Basketball in Superior, CO today!

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