3 Things to Score in Transition

3 Things to Score in Transition


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Players want to score in transition.

Coaches want easy scores for their team.

Parents love to watch their kids make plays.

So not scoring in transition or really anytime can be frustrating for all people. Let's end that frustration and create a situation where you, the player, can create positives for yourself, your team, your coaches, and your family. It's a win win win and win for all involved.

These 3 things can help players score in transition:

1. Get steals. Yep! This creates easy opportunities to score in transition

2. Attack at different speeds. Change of speed is a weapon of destruction on the basketball court.

3. Get downhill. Straight up the court and keep the defense on their heels.

As a parent, trainer, and coach I have seen players confidence sore as well as their enjoyment of the game. And the players that have gone on to be successful at middle school, high school, and in college can all do these things to help score in transition. Our small group training memberships are perfect for building and developing players that can score in transition, plus more.

Do these three things.

1.Visit www.eygbball.com

2. Two ways to train: Join a current program or apply for small group memberships.

3. A EYG trainer will reach out to you within 48 hours.

There are two possible outcomes in this situation:

1. Keep searching for how to finish in transition or in any situation.


2. Play more confidently. Play smarter. Score in transition and more. Play better and make the plays for everyone involved.

From frustrated to confident.

From wanting to score, to scoring.