Private Workout vs Small Group Workout

As a parent myself I understand the choices of Individual workouts vs Small Group. What is best for my child?

Below is a portion of an article about small group vs individual training.

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Portion of Article....

Individual vs. Small Group

The first step to creating a player development environment that transfers skills from workouts to games is shifting from delivering individual sessions to small groups. It is challenging to create complete game-like, task representative environments in individual workouts. This is especially difficult for parents to grasp as they feel their child gets more attention in an individual workout. Therefore, parent education is required to help parents understand the benefit of small-group practice.

Often, small groups involve position specific training. The guards work with other guards, while post players work with other post players. Despite the rise of positionless basketball, positions still exist within basketball. However, player development is best achieved through blended and positionless focused training. It is the job of a coach to determine the best position for a player within their team. A trainer of developmental age players job is to improve the skills of players as much as possible so that when they go back to their team they are more prepared to take on whatever role they are given. Another problem with separating players by position is that it prevents them from getting good at what they need the most in games which is interacting with teammates.

Does this mean individual work-outs don’t serve a purpose? Of course not. They are valuable but limited at a point. The work from small-group work-outs, team practices and games should best define what a player specifically needs to work on and if isolated on-air individual skill development is required. The context of the situation must be clear, as well as having a clear why behind what is being worked on.

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